Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fill This Cup With A Little Bit More

I'm overwhelmed by the sunshine. It ate me alive.

Agenda for today:

1. Haircut
2. Meditate on God's Word
3. Prayer items...

Today God has been telling me this: to stand firm in my faith because no one else will. I love Christmas again.

I just want to thank the heavens for a place that I can really call home. The morning sunshine, the wonderful (cold) weather, my slightly-dysfunctional family, and literally the birds and the bees made everything so special today. If it wasn't for His grace, I wouldn't have time and eyes to appreciate all these things.

Thank you, for even though I have intentionally delved into this journey, searching deeper into the longings of a woman's heart, Your promise remains greater than any promise that this world can offer. And that is my only refuge, the only thing I hold on to, now.

Thank you that you have given me compassion for the people I am with.
Thank you for this heart to love others.
Thank you for being my refuge at all times. I had no idea what it means till you came.
Thank you for telling me that greater things have yet to come. Thank you for exciting my heart.
Thank you for the friends and families. Your love overflows in them.
Thank you, just because Your will has been done in my life.

Truly enough, there is only one Prince to this princess.

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