Sunday, December 20, 2009

What A Beautiful Mess

These are the days when Jason Mraz's songs are worth singing. When all you want to do is spend your time somewhere cozy, somewhere warm, somewhere you would feel safe. People are getting weird, frantic over the incoming holidays. The reunions, a chaos. But then again, love is all around. There's no denying it.

For two weeks, I have been stressing myself about a certain party, about a certain someone, and turkeys (don't ask why). As in kulang na lang gumapang ako towards the bed every time I get home.

So what did I learn from this experience? Nothing much, except from the simple yet crucial fact that I am just human and God is still God. Next to him, I am nothing. Apart from him, I can do nothing. Without him, I wouldn't have everything. That's why if I had to choose another name for myself, I would like it to be Grace, just so I can always remember his gift for me.

Grace. It changes everything.

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