Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why, Hello There.

He sees every situation in which he finds himself as the means of obtaining a greater knowledge of Jesus Christ, and he has an attitude of unrestrained abandon and total surrender about him. The Holy Spirit is determined that we will have the realization of Jesus Christ in every area of our lives, and He will bring us back to the same point over and over again until we do.

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Not trying to be too spiritual here but ok, let's simply think of it this way. If you found yourself stuck at the same situation you're trying to get out of over and over again for the past, what, idk, few months, years? then point is, most probably, a lesson is being taught here. And one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to come to that point.

Guts, patience, the right perspective. I need that to move beyond feelings. Sprinkled with utmost confidence that life was made both hard and wonderful for everyone. Yea? YEA.

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