Saturday, January 02, 2010

Consistency! Perseverance!

Well this is the last time that I would be able to use this computer and I have decided to fast my internet usage for this week. Apparently I am praying for something (or things). Another reason is that it is becoming unhealthy. How many nights have I stayed up late, wasting my time on it when I could have done much more important things. So, yes, that would be a week without FB, tweeting, chatting, groovesharking and most probably i'll end up with really, really low tumblarity.

To whoever gets to read this, please pray with me as I seek God's will on the following areas of my life:

- Graduation.
- To get this job that I really, really like, after graduation.
- 10 people to bond with, to get to know better, to share the Gospel with (got this from Jiggy). Looks like I have a lot of people to date this year.
- Continue praying that all broken relationships in our family be restored completely through knowing God. (eto yung exciting!)
- Having my own decent Canon EOS 5D, Leica M8 and Macbook Air. I need them to document all wonderful memories that I have with the people I've been gifted with.
- Cafe Hiraya and FilterLab (my own Noriter-inspired coffeeshop and Photography studio, respectively) in the near future.

On a more serious note...
- A better student of God's word. Study, meditate, memorize. Study, meditate, memorize.
- PURITY. Will stop chasing petty infatuation. Focus on the big picture, the 'Sacred Romance' He promised for me. Will get in touch with my Captivating girls.
- CONSISTENCY! PERSEVERANCE! And most of all, learn how to wait in faith.

There's no other way to say this: I pray to become a better servant of God.

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