Monday, January 18, 2010

Taken from the blog of one of the many people who amuses me so much, Mr. Wincy Ong. I feel like giving him a hug after reading this. In my head, it was all, "Kaya ka pala ganyan hm". I'm so floored by this. Dig in.

15 Things I Wish I Did and Didn't Do In My 26 Years On Earth

Posted on 2008.06.06 at 01:40

15) I wish I didn't lose my Catholic faith. Nowadays, God is just like Santa Claus for adults. And it saddens me, that in my darkest moments, I wish I could just cling to someone bigger than fame, bigger than love, bigger than television, bigger than all this waking up and working and looking for a companion...But nowadays, it's a struggle to pray because in the end, you know that all you would get is frustration.

14) I wish I never learned smoking. The reason why I smoke? I smoke because of the friends I've lost, because of the great what-ifs in my head, because of missed opportunities, because of failure, because I'm afraid, because I'm nervous, because I'm happy, because I'm lost. I think people smoke because it's a small form of suicide.

13) I wish I was more confident when I was in high school.

12) I wish I had the discipline to create art everyday (write a short story or a screenplay, draw a comic book, record a song,make a prop) and not be worried about the chances of futility it might have.

11) I wish I could've taken up sports like football, or a martial art and just get lost in it. I think if I were more engrossed with sports than I would be with art, I'd be a lot more assertive.

10) I wish I could be more aggressive. I wish I were more capable of doing bad things, of cheating, of promiscuity, of backstabing. I wish I could be a master of my own guilt.

9) I wish I already knew what I wanted to do for my entire life when I was 8 years old.

8) I wish could cook.

7) I wish I could play the drums.

6) I wish that I could've lost my virginity earlier in life and slept with a lot of women before I reached twenty so that I wouldn't be my awkward, uncertain self right now. If I had done this, I probably would have grown up so fast that I wouldn't be doing this filmmaking crap-dream and I'd just be married and happy with kids.My dad got married when he was 26.

5) I wish I could be content with just having a simple life. The life of a banker, the life of a churchgoer.

4) I wish I could have people in my life who are more like-minded. I think I could relate to only about 5-percent of the whole human population. Most people might as well be aliens to me.

3) I wish I could've asked the name of that girl I saw in a comic book store in New York.

2) I wish I could be less humble, and be a bit more arrogant.

1) I wish I could fucking live the life of ***** *******.

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