Monday, March 29, 2010

For You, It Will Always Be A Yes

Soon, the romance of midnight flights, a window seat that brings me closer to the washed-out clouds and moonlight, and the fact that i am alive with a pulse beating to the tune of hope, will sweep me off my feet. i am awake with the hope that someday you will open your eyes. open your eyes to the promise of me.

May you fully come to realize that everything here on earth is fleeting. That living your life requires no analysis; just abrupt decisions on how to live it. The Why part would be a different story. Things are better left unplanned, I assure you. Or better yet, watch Twilight Zone. I apologize for the inexperienced advise but I always find the most inspiring things in life from unexpected cases. Like the notion of unrequited love from a supposedly eery tv series. It's just unbelievably sad to accept that love will have it's twist and turns, and most of the time, it doesn't always result in good things. Fate will have a hand on everything. Come on, do i really need to be in a time capsule for a few decades to await for your return, and thus for your answer? The initial response will be no for sure. But a tinge of excitement prevails. No truth was ever arrived at purely by thinking, as i heard some moron blurt out. I will eternally be in love with the concept of love, but I will never know if I can love eternally. Or love you at all.

Let's think like people in movies. When a kiss is offered, a kiss is deserved.

another morning. another glorious morning. i believe its a sunday. a reminder that there will always be a me and a you, here, and i m not sure where to next. the notion that we can always be on the same breathing space is somehow exhausting, cause it means you will expect something from me. but i cannot give you me. i can give you what s left of me. in the addition to this miserable oblivion that s circling us, yeah, there will always be the two of us. i will love. i will love with the courage of a soldier off to war, with the sequence of me leaving, getting there, looking at your picture before that destined stray bullet hits me. i am fearless; my ego is nothing. this love is bigger than me. the Lord has touched my heart, blessed me with an angel. i can tell to the whole world i love you.

and i will love you. secretly.

"Man's love is of man's life a thing apart. 'Tis a woman's whole existence." - Byron -

(Grabe, ang baduy ko na pala talaga eversince. I wrote this Aug 10, '08. As to why and for whom I wrote this I can't even remember. So funny.)

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