Thursday, March 04, 2010


  • Wednesdays are truly special. Specifically, this past Wednesday. Small group in school is growing, though slowly, in numbers, and my heart just goes out to these people. Like I said to them, we are trying to build a group with a culture of grace and forgiveness. I'm happy for the conviction God has in them, that they are clearly moved by His Word, even to the verge of tears. And to pray for these people is a humbling experience, a purifying one. The grace of God, as it was revealed to me, is a gift not only to the undeserving but also to those who deserves the opposite (as Philip Yancey said it). I can never be perfect, neither is anyone in that group, but we rely on the truth that God has won this battle for us. No worries: work on faith.
  • I'm so excited about Sisterhood. It's still not formally announced, nor are there any formal plans yet but it's in the process. Something's brewing up, that's for sure. I pray for all our girls in the church, that their feminine hearts would find a home in this fellowship. That they would really find validation not from other people, or from the group they belong to, nor from the opposite sex, but they would find peace in knowing that God chose them to be His daughters. And I pray that confidence will be on our midst as we meet God through this group.
  • To whoever gets to read this, please pray for my heart because I'm a bit confused. Please pray for a more discerning heart, that I focus on seeking God's will in my life, and not pursue my own desires through my own efforts.
  • Praying for my own camera, and since we're talking about material needs here, let's include in my own macbook. The world is calling me to shoot, make beautiful things and to make things beautiful.
  • I pray for those that I love who will be gone, who God destined to go to other places this year. I have faith in technology and God's perfect timing. There is happiness in hope! Huh. Amaziiiing.

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