Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Monday afternoon.

After school, Jiggy and I headed to one of my favorite places, Cafe Noriter along Taft. We met up with Queen, ordered a glass of caramel frappe and all I got was froth. Aaaand we made a short video, a small tribute to those who weren't able to come with us (and wished were with us) that day, namely:

Trisha Garrido
Johanna Lise Silva
Samantha Danguilan
Aleli Danguilan
Carol Bernice Miranda
Pat dela Torre
Jan Wilfred dela Cruz.

Hello, girls and boy. I miss you! I'll date you sometime this week. We all have some catching up to do.

The day always ends up happily after Noriter. Then after that, we got access to a rooftop, just so we can see the full moon. Will definitely buy a Priscilla Ahn cd in the future. Happy happy joy joy.

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