Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sand Dunes and Tears

This is me. Tired, alone and thirsty.

"Sanctuary... is a word which here means a small, safe place in a troubling world. Like an oasis in a vast desert or an island in a stormy sea."

Exactly what I need, an oasis in the middle of this desert. The heat, the thirst, the journey itself brought me to tears and down to my knees. It was the vision that I had today, for I know there's a good chance I will physically and emotionally fail.

Father, this is my cry. That I am not worthy, nor am I able to go on.
Forgive me if I continually fall. Let your light shine on me so I could remember what I am fighting for.

Now, this is what God did to the desert I found myself in.
In the midst of hopelessness, he revealed his beauty to me.
Me, his unworthy, filthy servant.

When it's all over, I'll finally fall down at your feet.
Finally it will all be over.
Everything will be all worth it.

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