Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It wasn't just my first time today that I heard about apperture, white balance and exposure, but many things I learned today.

Oh, by the way, welcome to Purpose Driven Photographer Session 2, where everything is possible through your ImagineNation (shameless plugging).

What I did (or was forced to do) today:
1. Answer phone calls.
2. Book clients and make contracts.
3. Troubleshoot hardware.
4. Figure out how to use the coffeemaker.
5. Do all these things at the same time.

Note: I'm now officially a Canon-convert and a Leica Fan.

In the middle of delayed narrative reports and Facebook-ing, I was able to hear snippets of the speaker talking about the above-mentioned terminologies. Snippets of what seems to be information exclusive to pros. But I have faith that someday, someday, all these things I will learn by heart. And all these things will be my guide as I fulfill my prupose here on earth. Just thinking about passion makes me happy: to think about greater things yet to happen, well, it had me undone. God is good.

Open Doors, here I come! =)

The Purpose Driven Photographer.
(Photos courtesy of Flickr)

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