Friday, June 04, 2010

Glad Like Gladi

I super idolized this girl, young and free and principled. Oh, she’s a lot, actually, and this page isn’t enough to brag about her awe-inspiring self. She has taught me so much about life and I am always thankful to GOD for giving me a friend like her. i always tell her that she has inspired me so much and that she has made me appreciate life's imperfection, i love how she termed it "dysfunctional". i am waiting (and very much excited) to see her name in the bookshelves of National Bookstore (or sa fully-booked) because i know she has what i takes to affect people's lives. Thank you for singing Alanis’ songs for me, I love your voice. I love everything about you!

Dearest Gladi,
I was surprised to know that i'm included in that list of yours, of people who have somehow made an impression (whether good or bad) in your life. Yes, life is dysfunctional, and the more God's grace is magnified. I hope I could see you again in the future, maybe visit you in your hometown, take a tour of the nearby beaches (Laiya and Virgin Beach is good, I heard). I miss those long conversations on random days, just sharing our dreams and our hearts. Life, for me, has changed a lot since those times and it's all for the best. I bet you still pine for Og Mandino's and Paulo Coelho's books. I'm thinking of crazy haircuts i want to try and i want you to see it haha. I miss Cindy, Ajames, Kuya Li, Anto, Kuya Wei, Alvin, Gabo, and all those people we used to hang out with. We all moved on, I guess. But thank you blogspot for making it seem as if you're still here. love you and God bless. =)

check out Gladi's blog here.

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