Friday, June 04, 2010

Imagine Native

Luckily that day, I was able to 'hang out' (technically you don't really hang out with senior photographers. It's just a term I use to sound cool. What you do is listen - or pretend to, if you're not in the mood to learn.) with one of my favorite live photographers, Toto Villaruel. And he's just a year older than I am. Great.

Oasis garden and resort. This is just a glimpse of it.

Hello, bride. You must be feeling really lucky right now. I'm happy for you. I don't know you but God bless your life.

That's Kuya and Jason DeG. Yeah, The Jason Deg. Thanks for having me test your reflector, it sure was a blast.

Week 4 of my Imagine Nation - Purpose Driven Photographer Workshop and so far, everything is running smoothly. I haven't learned this much since college algebra, but yeah, I understand that once in a while human brain must be exercised. Terms like flash compensation, broad lighting, Kelvin haven't reached my vocabulary until this class. There's so much to learn, so much to explore, in the world of photography: it's up to you if you want to remain in the safety of studio lights or discover the harsh reality of the streets (that is, without any help from your trusted gears). I still don't know which category I see myself in in the future, though glimpses of glamour, events and street photography has been a comfort zone for me lately. I trust God will lead me where He would find me useful, and right now I am confident that it is His will for me to pursue this passion of mine. Lord lead the way. Let me capture Your grace. I might now know things now but all will be revealed in Your time. My finger is ready for the shutter.

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