Friday, June 04, 2010

It's A Triple Double Celebration (Not a typo)

Nins and Abby so happy. Oh, it rhymed. Cool.

The Crew, with a budget of P100 each, not necessarily limited to burgers but of course some overate. I think this is the first 'stopover' for the night. (When you're with these people, you would find yourself stopping over somewhere for at least 3-4 times, for no particular reason. Trust me, I know.)

Have no idea what they're talking about. With the look in Jethro's face and Janu's pout, I don't think I want to know. And that's Jiggy and Queenie on the other end.

Me, Sammy and Nins. The camera focuses too slow for some reason so I opted to just stay on ground. The two hit the jackpot and jumped on time. Lucky.

They're Oreos. And they're wicked. Thank you for the Sisons who welcome us into their beautiful house and offered us with wonderful treats (ok i'm being generous now with my words but it was definitely a night well spent).

May 22, 2010. Dinner time. Still El Niño.

It was a grand night of food, laughter, and randomness. In celebration of Jiggy's upcoming birthday, my birthday and graduation that occurred weeks ago, and Janu's graduation as well, the three of us decided to spend our time and not-so-well-earned money on our friends, who by the way we missed hanging out with for the last few months. Awesome? yea.

Franz offers this ridiculously big burger - which costs ridiculously pricey as well - but every bite was worth it, based from experience. The girls headed first to the place, then ate our dinner as we waited for the guys. To see us together again was great, and I definitely missed those moments where we could only eat pancit canton and isaw and watch bootlegs of End of the Spear and Up. I miss pokerslap, Pretty Woman, videoke, pizza, late-night conversations, the post-late-night conversations, the prayers and other things that I associated with this group. I pray that as we all begin another chapter of our lives, no matter how small or big it is, we would all stick together all for His glory. That times like this may not be as often anymore but I believe God will find ways and time for our fellowship.

Samantha Anne Muriel Danguilan
Johanna Mignon Santos
Queenie Joy Rebucas
Johanna Lise Silva
Marianne Aleli Danguilan
Abby Sison
Roy Antonio
BJ Saavedra
Jethro Peñaloza
Jan Wilfred dela Cruz
Pat dela Torre
AJ Gonzales
and whoever name is not mentioned here but deserves to be here,

i love you and i hope i'll see you soon. God bless. =)

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